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WHAT CAN YOU AFFORD? If you are wondering how much of a home you can afford, use this pre-qualifier calculator to give you an estimate of what you can afford. 
In today's competitive real estate market it's important not only to know how much home you can afford but also to be prepared with a pre-approval from your lender when that perfect property comes along. It offers a level of comfort to be prepared & helps you to act quickly when needed. Pre-approval provides the following:
* Know What Mortgage Programs Are Best For You.
Some loan programs not only have criteria for you to but also for the property, which is important information to share with your realtor for your property search.
* How Much Money Will You Need Upfront And At Closing?
How much are closing costs? Will you need money to put down toward your mortgage? Will you need money upfront for loan costs, inspections etc & can some of them be paid at closing or credited to you by the seller?
* Provides Important Information Both You & Your Realtor Will Need When It's Time To Write An Offer.
Pre-approval provides key information needed for financing & other contingencies necessary for writing an offer &  helps insure they coordinate with your mortgage. Depending on the property & the seller's situation it may also help determine if the seller concessions toward buyer closing costs are a possibility. Sellers are more apt to take a buyers offer more seriously when a pre-approval letter is provided with the offer. Pre-approval may also allow an edge over other buyers. 

Gross Monthly Income
Before Taxes

Monthly Obligations
Credit Cards, Child Support, Car Loan, etc.
Monthly Property Tax Payment $
Monthly House Insurance Payment $
Down Payment $
Interest %
Term In Years
Estimated Monthly Payment
Estimated Mortgage Amount
Estimated Affordable Price

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